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Launch of every project is preceded by a short interview with clients in order to get to know their individual needs and their favourite ways of spending free time as well as aesthetic preferences. The next step is a site visit combined with the land inventory and neighbourhood landscape view’s investigations (what view we would like to see and which one should be veiled).
As a result, an initial draft is prepared and then further discussed with the clients in order to settle the details. Then the final design is prepared, including visual design (the example of such a visual design is shown in a figure below).

The visual design is drown in a scale 1:50, 1:100 or 1:200 depending on the size of the object.

The visual design includes cross-sections and/or drawings of some parts of the garden.


In case of projects which are to be implemented by the clients themselves, the visual design is additionally

accompanied by a technical plan to make it easy to see plants in the proper places.

If desired, the garden design can be complemented by the projects of irrigation, electrical installation etc.